Process and Artifact Compliance Tools

PACT Provides Guidance and Automation for Your DO-254/DO-178C Project

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The Process and Artifact Compliance Tool (PACT) facilitates and guides you through all they key compliance aspects of your DO-254 or DO-178C program. PACT is a suite of affordable features used to show objective evidence of compliance to DO-178C, DO-254 and DO-278A (COMING SOON!). PACT helps to establish a formal agreement of compliance by providing a crucial framework to capture and trace requirements, design, source and tests; edit and control documents (with a full suite of templates provides); perform reviews (with a full set of checklists provided) and track Action Items to closure; formally track and manage Problem Reports for your design. In essence, PACT brings the entire team, process, and compliance evidence together into a secure web-based environment (supporting ITAR) that can easily be utilized by the development team and presented as needed to customers and auditors.


  • Web-based interface (ITAR)
  • Requirements management & traceability
  • Full set of document templates
  • Full set of review checklists
  • Document review & configuration management
  • Meeting & review management (including Action Item tracking)
  • Problem reporting system
  • Change impact analysis
  • Data Export & Project Archive
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Download the PACT brochure

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